Cordless Zebra Shades

Cordless zebra shades, also known as cordless zebra blinds or cordless zebra roller shades (we call ours Ultra Cordless Combi Shades), are a type of window covering that combines the functionality of both roller shades and horizontal blinds. These shades use dual layers of horizontal fabric segments that alternate between sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabrics. They can be set to open, closed, or rolled up, providing view-through and privacy options, as well as blocking up to 99% of UV rays when closed.

Here are some key features and information about cordless zebra shades:

  1. Cordless Operation: The term “cordless” in cordless zebra shades means that they do not have traditional cords, strings, or wands for operation. But at the same time there are not automated or motorized for remote control.  Instead, they typically come with a mechanism that allows you to manually raise or lower the shades by simply pulling or pushing on the bottom bar. This cordless design enhances safety, especially in homes with young children or pets, as it eliminates the risk of entanglement.  For zebra shades, the cordless mechanism used should be the newer Ultra Cordless instead of the traditional cordless mechanism used on roller shades that require the user to “tug and release”.  The Ultra Cordless mechanism allows for precise positioning of the shade. This allows the front and back fabric surface to align in open or close settings.  Open setting is when the sheers and solid fabric bands for the front and back are position to precisely overlap.  This maximizes the outside viewing area through the sheer fabric bands.  Close setting is when the front solid fabric band overlap with the back sheer fabric band so that all sheer bands are blocked with a solid fabric band for privacy.
  2. Height Considerations: Since the operation of a cordless zebra shades require the user to reach the bottom bar of the shade to push or pull, the installation height of the shade should be such that one can comfortable reach to top of the shade to pull down the shade.  If it requires a step stool to reach the top then it is not as convenient to use.  As a general rule, the top height limit should be no more than 7 feet above the floor.  In addition, the height of the bottom of the window should be considered too.  It becomes inconvenient to use the shade if the user needs to bend down a lot to reach the bottom bar when it is at the bottom of the window.  As a general rule, the bottom of the window should be at least 1 foot above the floor. While we offer an option of a hand rod with hook designed to fit the shape of the bottom bar, to allow the user to reach greater heights, the rod needs to be keep somewhere convenient near the shades, thus distracting from the aesthetics.
  3. Light Control: Cordless zebra shades offer excellent light control options. You can align the sheer and solid stripes in different ways to achieve varying levels of light diffusion and privacy. By adjusting the stripes, you can create a range of lighting effects, from soft, diffused light to complete privacy.  For light filtering fabrics choices, the level of privacy achieved at night to enough so that looking into the window from outside, one can only see a silhouette of any persons or furniture or other objects that are close to the window.
  4. Stylish Appearance: Zebra shades have a contemporary and elegant appearance. Their alternating sheer and solid stripes give a unique visual effect that can enhance the aesthetics of any room.
  5. Material Options: Cordless zebra shades are available in various materials, including different fabrics, textures, and colors and light filtering vs. room darkening. You can choose a material that complements your interior decor and meets your specific needs.
  6. Installation: These shades can be installed as inside mount or outside mount, depending on your window and design preferences. Inside mount installations fit within the window frame, while outside mount installations cover the entire window and extend beyond the frame.
  7. Easy Maintenance: Cordless zebra shades are generally maintenance-free. Quality fabric options are anti-static thus not attracting dust. If there are any accidental dirt, using a “Magic Eraser” pad can usually remove the dirt. For more thorough cleaning, professional cleaning service is available, where we can take down the shade and bring it to a blind cleaning facility and then reinstall the shade.
  8. Price Range: The cost of cordless zebra shades can vary widely depending on factors like size, material, and brand. They are available in a range of price points to suit different budgets.  Cordless zebra shades are lower price than automated zebra shades and are a good value choice to cover large or small windows.

Cordless zebra shades offer a versatile and modern window covering solution that can provide both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. They are popular choices for homes and offices seeking a balance between privacy and natural light control. When choosing zebra shades, consider factors such as the size of your windows, your preferred level of light control, and your design preferences to select the perfect shades for your space.

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