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Personal Organizing In Style

At Trendy Closets, we help our clients design and install their dream closets and cabinetry. We have an answer to all your closet organization needs.  Check out our closet designs and projects online and contact us today. Projects include Custom Built-in Wardrobes and TV Entertainment Unit, Fireplace Shelving and Cabinets, Walk-In Closets, Pantry, Mudroom Cabinets and Bench Seating, and more.


Closet Organizer

The Closet is a necessary zone to visit in transitioning between home and outside.  It is the place where people start the day before leaving home and first place you visit when you return at the end of the day.  To achieve a seamless and even delightful transition between home and the world outside, a well-thought out closet system makes all the difference.

Trendy Closets believes in form follow function.  Our closet designs incorporate human ergonomics, to ensure items are quickly accessible, neatly stored, and logically arranged — all while looking in-style and on-trend to maximize your return on investment

Likewise, we believe, price follows needs and design.  That’s why we spend time in our showroom and at our customer home to discuss details on their organization habits and take inventory of what needs to go where.


Custom Wardrobe

Homeowners may want a built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe prominent and visible location in bedroom. Careful selection of finishes and hardware details makes all the difference in how the wardrobe will tie in with the rest of the room furniture and design theme.  We offer a wide range of finishes from leading manufacturers like Decotec, Talfisa, plus we offer painted MDF in a wide range of paint colours. Different door front profiles are available for your selection.


Custom Shelving and Cabinetry

Want to build shelving next to the fireplace or a display cabinet in the Living or Family Room, or a built-in TV Entertainment Unit in the Family Room?  Through years of experience, we have developed some prototypical popular configurations that can be further customized and resized to fit your space and taste.  Available in a wide variety of finishes and materials.  Ultimately, we consult with our customers to build something uniquely yours.

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