Discover the Classic Elegance of Shutters: California, Plantation, and Beyond


Shutters, often referred to as California or Plantation Shutters, are a timeless window treatment option, typically made of PVC or wood materials. PVC shutters are highly popular due to their cost-effective pricing and low maintenance, while quality solid wood shutters, made from basswood, offer a luxurious touch and durability.

Basswood is the preferred choice for solid wood shutters because of its fine grain appearance, providing a consistent finish and its natural resistance to temperature fluctuations when installed near windows.

We proudly offer three leading brands of shutters: Eclipse, WindowSeal, and Graber. Eclipse and WindowSeal specialize in vinyl shutters, while Graber offers solid basswood shutters for a more traditional look.



Explore our curated selection of shutters from top brands, and add a touch of classic elegance to your home with these stylish and versatile window treatments.

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