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Installation Instructions

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    • Prepare the necessary tools: Glue, Brush, Roller, Scraper, Ruler, Knife, Towel / Sponge.

    • Clean wall and ensure it’s dry. Brush the glue on wall evenly.

    • Check the size of wallpaper and match the pattern.

    • According to the width of each roll of the wallpaper, mark vertical lines on the wall (see illustration).

    • Apply the roll (panel) evenly along the lines so it stays even and positioned straight .

    • Apply second roll (panel), match the roll with the “red” indicators at the top right of the previous rolls to thetop left of the second roll – it will be 2cm ie. Overlapping the second to the first. Continue this process untilall rolls have been applied (see illustration).

    • Use your knife to cut down the center of the “overlap” all the way to the bottom to peel away the excess.

    • Use your scraper to flatten both pieces together to experience the “seamless” application.

    • Cut away all corners and edges of the wallpaper.

    • Use your dampened sponge to clean away excess glue on the wallpaper and corners.

Please Note: As you are applying the wallpaper rolls – ensure you are flattening the wallpaper as much as possibleto ensure you get the best 3D experience.
If you have any questions to this process, please call us. We are here to help!

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