Best Window Covering Solutions for Condos

Best window covering solutions for condos

Greater Toronto Area has witness at least 2 decades of condo construction boom.  As more and more homeowners are enjoying the condo lifestyle with onsite amenities, onsite security, access to subways, shopping malls and more, there is a desire to settle for the longer term in the condo and upgrade the initial basic window coverings to something more personal and better able to deal with privacy, light control, and coordinate with the room décor.

In our experience in working on hundreds of condo projects, there are 2 unique window situations that differ from houses: 1) Windows tend to run side by side at greater widths than can be handle by a single blind; 2) Windows do not have casement (and sometimes no sill as it starts from the floor).

Segmenting Long width window runs

Even with vertical blinds, wide windows may need to be segmented out for practical usage and logistical issues (like fitting into an elevator).  For roll up type shades, like roller shades, solar shades, Zebra shades and horizontal sheer shades (Silhouette shades), we recommend maximum practical width should be set at no more than 8 feet (96 inches).  This allows more finish choices and give more options for fine-tuned light and privacy control in a room.

Consider Ceiling Mount Modern Wave Drapery or Sheers

Not your grandmother’s drapery.  Modern Wave Drapery, especially when ceiling mounted with channel style drapery rod hardware, provides a modern, elevated yet practical look to any window.  Such drapery style can to automated with the use of motorized drapery hardware (track or decorative rod).  Even manual control can be easy to slide open and closed.  This drapery solution can be paired with any soft shades (roller, solar or zebra) for both a complete look and more functional options for privacy and light control.  For instance, during the daytime drapes can be drawn open while shades are down for privacy.  When direct sunlight is too much for a light filtering shade or solar shade to handle, the drapery can be drawn closed.

Conversely, we can use Modern Wave Sheers and pair with room darkening or blackout shades.  Use the Modern Wave Sheers during the daytime for privacy and UV protection while preserving outside views.

Consider automation for quick multi-shade/drapery control

Corner condo units or even larger rooms in a condo, may need multiple blinds, shades and/or drapery to cover all the windows.  In this situation, manual operation of each shade or drapery is just not as convenient. Luckily, affordable automation solutions such as rechargeable battery or plug in power motors are available options for most window covering products nowadays.  Each product can be control individually and as a group with the remote and app.  And programming schedules or scenes can be created and changed by the homeowner as their needs evolve.

Covering Floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows tend to be the trend with more modern high-rise condos, especially those located in Downtown Toronto.  With windows starting from or near the floor, it is best to avoid any bulky blinds solutions such as horizontal 2” blinds.  Furthermore, without window casements like in houses, the window edges are never really straight.  Any window covering solutions that require very precise fit, like shutters, is definitely not the right solution.

A solution with a flat vertical profile typically is the best solution, especially if the windows are tall.  Roller Shade, Zebra Shades and Solar Shades tend to work best.  These categories of shades can completely roll up into a cassette to allow maximum views and also can be quickly drawn down for privacy and light control.  They can also be automated through motorization and controlled with remote control.  Multiple shades can be control with the push of just one button or pre-programmed though an app.

Ultimately, the key to creating the perfect window covering solution for your condo it to find a vendor who has experience and a full line up of window covering products for your consideration.

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