Become A Dealer -TrendyPLUS Dealer Program 

Become A Dealer
Become A Dealer

Earn Bigger Margins with Trendy Blinds Dealer Program

Trendy Blinds Inc., a corporation based in Ontario, Canada, invites you to benefit from our TrendyPLUS Dealer Program. We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality shades and blinds boasting one of the widest finish ranges in Canada. With a competitive pricing edge below national brands, our package includes robust technical and marketing support. This unique value proposition allows our dealers to outshine competitors on price, selection, winning more deals, and amplifying their earnings.

A Partnership to Help You Succeed

We firmly believe in nurturing a close-knit relationship with a select group of committed dealers. Once we ascertain that a specific geographic territory is well-covered, we cease to actively scout for additional dealers in that locality. We focus on empowering our partners to successfully market our products. Participation requirement includes having a showroom and a selling platform in the local area’s home decor and renovation market.

What You Can Expect as a Dealer

    • Complimentary fabric sample swatches – 1 set.
    • An exclusive price list
    • Login access to our online store
    • Direct phone line for technical support
    • A 1-year manufacturers warranty

Become A Dealer,Increased Profit Margins & Winning Opportunities

Being a part of Trendy Blinds Inc., you not only avail superior quality products and finishes but also an opportunity to amplify your profitability. The value-based pricing of our shades and blinds ensures a competitive edge to beat the competition. With unbeatable prices and extensive selection, improve your business prospects while enhancing your profit margins.

“Less is More” Philosophy

We value quality over quantity. Our objective is to collaborate closely with a select number of committed dealers in each geographical area. We deeply process synchronization to facilitate active promotion of our products and aid the better realization of success for our partners. Once an area is sufficiently attended, we usually avoid over-expansion by capping the number of dealers in that area.

Growing Benefits Facilitated for Our Strategic Dealer Partners

We offer our dealers more than just a collaboration opportunity. As a strategic partner, they receive:

      • A set of fabric swatches to guide color and material selection.
      • A special price list ahead of market competition.
      • Exclusive access to our online inventory and retail platform.
      • Comprehensive technical support over the phone.
      • Cloud of safety with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our primary aim is to offer maximum support and create a more accessible route for our dealers to facilitate home decor and renovation services seamlessly in their local areas. In our pursuit of excellence, we plan to further expedite the process that assists remodeling or renovation, making it more effortless and streamlined for our partners.


For More Details Contact: Paul Siu


Phone: 1-905-604-1222 ext. 4


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